Thursday, November 25, 2010

Canmake Nudy Glow lip gloss "Sugar Milk Tea"

I bought Canmake's Nudy Glow in Sugar Milk Tea when I was shopping with Jennifer in Hong Kong :) This gloss is really a lovely nude gloss, too bad that I just have far to many nude glosses! Canmake is a japanese brand so there were no incis in this package.

The color is very nice, so neutral and light that it looks good with strong eyemakeup. I like the brush applicator and creamy consistency. These are not very lasting on lips, but I don't think any lipglosses really are... This also gives nice amount of color, it's nude but not invisible :) I think this is as good as MAC's ridiculously overpriced (that big tube contains as much as travel sizes usually :P) Cremesheen glasses.

Ostin Canmaken Nudy Glow huulikiillon sävyssä Milk Sugar Tea ollessani Jenniferin kanssa shoppailemssa Hong Kongissa :) Tämä kiilto on oikein ihana, harmi vain kun tällaisia on kertynyt kaapit pullolleen jo :P Canmake on japanilainen markettimerkki ja kuten yleensäkin japanilaisista tuotteista, tästäkin puuttuu inci.

Sävy on todella kaunis, niin neutraali ja vaalea että näyttää hyvältä tummien silmämeikkien kanssa. Pidän kovasti sivellinaplikaattorista ja voidemaisesta koostumuksesta. Kovin pysyvä tämä ei ole ole mutta eipä huulikiillot yleensäkään mielestäni ole... Antaa kivasti väriä, on nude muttei näkymätön :) Mielestäni tämä on ihan yhtä hyvä kuin MACin naurettavan ylihinnoitellut (suuressa hylsyssä on tavaraa kutakuinkin minikiillon verran) Cremesheen glassit.

Add a spark to the nude-look make-up trend! A liquid rouge in nude-look shades that will add color with just one application. Contains beauty essence, so your lips will maintain a long-lasting gloss without chapping.

Color × sparkle = Sexy plump lips
Colors beautifully with just one application. The four shades that complement your natural skin shade and make it look brighter will suit any complexion, so they are easy to use. Creamy texture × Glamorous moist sheen × Light-polarizing pearl and glass pearl particles that suit each color create sexy, plump lips with great depth. Long-lasting nude-look colors that cling to your lips just like cellophane wrapping.
Contains beauty essence that is kind to your lips
Texture that seems to melt into your lips from the moment you apply it.

* Moisturizing agents: Sodium hyaluronate, atelocollagen, royal jelly extract, rosemary extract, oriental wormwood extract, loquat leaf extract Contains a volumizing complex that makes your lips look plumper.

* What is the volumizing complex? This is an ingredient that maintains the moisture of your lips, preventing your lips from chapping or peeling due to dryness, and making them look plumper.  
This info, photo& description below are from

color image
[01] Rose Macaroon
A pinkish beige that gives your lips a gentle rose-pink color. Creates a gorgeous countenance that will make your skin look one tone brighter. Contains silver pearl
color image
[02] Strawberry Whip
A lovable milky pink like a pink shell. For dainty-looking lips like those of an innocent young girl. Contains silver pearl × large gold light-polarizing pearl × large red light-polarizing pearl
color image
[03] Brownie Chocolate
A deep beige that will accentuate the paleness of your skin. For grown-up yet sweetly neat-looking lips. Contains large gold light-polarizing glass pearl × large red light-polarizing glass pearl
color image
[04] Sugar Milk Tea
A versatile milky beige that creates lips with a sophisticated skin tone. Very handy when you want to ensure that your eye make-up stands out! Contains large gold light-polarizing pearl × large red light-polarizing pearl
color image
[05] Honey Latte
A bright beige close to your natural complexion.
The exquisite color calculated to blend in well with your skin is the perfect shade to make you look like a classy girl!
color image
[06] Peach Milk
A creamy pink that blends in well with your skin. Melts into your skin, for perfectly cute, devilishly sexy lips

This is an old EOTD, I have no idea what I used
besides Sugar Milk Tea lipgloss :P

I bought mine from Hong Kong but at least sells these too. I'm not sure if they deliver to your country/ Finland.


  1. Kivan sävyinen, semmoinen luonnollinen. :) Itselläni ei mikään huulipysy kauaa, mitä tahmaisempi niin sen huonommin pysyy. :,) Imeskelen kyllä välillä huuliani, etenkin kun mietin jotain niin se voi olla myös yksi vaikuttava syy siihen pysyvyyteen. :D

  2. That is such a sweet colour !!!

  3. glad you liked it :) do you wear anything beneath the nudy glow gloss ???

  4. i think we are lip gloss twins! i want this!

  5. I really like Canmake! When I lived in Japan I bought a lot from them.
    Japanese companies produce a lot of nude and neutral makeup, because Japanese women might wear a lot of makeup but they still mostly use brown tones and other natural colors.

  6. That shade is really pretty on your lips and with our skin tone! I think I want to try Honey Latte. Cute names :)

  7. i love the shade! very very pretty.

  8. I like that one, and Strawberry Whip! Very nice.


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