Thursday, November 4, 2010

Maybelline Lasting Drama gel eyeliner 24h, 03 Blue

I've been looking for dark blue and not too bright blue gel eyeliner for a while. Now I saw this Maybelline Lasting Drama gel eyeliner in Sokos (local department store) and bought it immediately. The quality is nice but I'm a bit worried about the lid of the jar... It doesn't look ok (see picture in this post), so I hope this won't dry out too soon!

I think MAC gel liners are the best but no dark blue there, even Inglot didn't have this kind of color. 03 Blue is dark but still blue (doesn't look black) and it's metallic (but not too much). The set contain eyeliner brush too, the quality seems nice but I don't personally like this kind of brush with gel liners (I use MAC 210). I'm glad it's very nice in lining the lower lashline with eyeshadow :D

There were other shades too: black, brown & black with pink glitter (=purple).

Olenkin etsinyt sinistä geelirajausta jo pidempään, erityisesti sävyä, joka ei ole liian kirkas tai vaalea. Nyt näin tämän Maybellinen Lasting Drama-rajauksen Sokoksella ja se päätyi ostoskoriin. Hinta oli reilut 12€ ja mukana on sivellin. Laadultaan vaikuttaa oikein hyvältä mutta olen hieman huolissani korkista... Se nimittäin jää hiukan vinoon ja näidenhän täytyy olla todella tiiviisti suljetut, etteivät kuivu.

MAC on suosikkini 
geelirajauksista mutta eipä ole tummansinistä sielläkään, samoin Inglotilta puuttuu tämä sävy. Maybellinen 03 Blue on tumma (mutta silti selvästi sininen) ja metallinen (mutta ei liian). Setissä on mukana sivellin, ihan laadukkaan tuntuinen, mutta itse tämän mallisesta siveltimestä välitä. Käytän itse kapeaa eyeliner-sivellintä, kuten MAC 210. Onneksi tämä toimii minulla alaluomen rajauksessa luomivärillä, ettei ihan käyttämättä jää :)

Muita sävyjä olivat musta, ruskea ja musta pinkillä hileellä (=violetti).

I used Detrivore primer and Inglot eyeshadows (white, light blue & dark blue).

The package is sealed, great! It also contains a brush.

And here is the inci!

I was too tired to write, as you can see ;)

I'm a bit worried about the lid... I'm not sure if it's really airtight, as you can see the lid is not completely closed.

Have you tested this product yet? Did you like it?


  1. I'd like buy one, but we don't have it in Poland. :( Looks nice.

  2. awwww i love navy blue (and all blue) liners :( sadly they only sell black color in hk....*sobs*

  3. It's lovely, really beautiful color.


  4. The box that this comes in in the US is different. I've never tried this before but have heard good reviews. Yeah, the lid doesn't seem like it shuts all the way, huh?

  5. I have tried only MAD Minerals gel liners and the one from essence denim wanted collection and those really worked for me!

    I don't think we even have these Maybelline gel liner in drugstores here but it looks interesting :) I love the color :)

    Oh, about the packaging - my essence gel liner looks exactly like this one and I don't think there is a problem with the lid :)

  6. Hm, nice color, but the lid isn't good.

  7. Ei taida olla Suomessa myynnissä?

  8. Anur: Ihan Sokokselta ostin :) Tänään oli Turusta loppuneet mutta huomenna tulee kuulemma lisää.

    graphology, di: Just the color I've been looking for :D

    Silva: Yep, unfortunately :/

    The redhead craft: I hope this will be good :D

    justltee: I'm also glad that there were more colors than just black and brown...

    jennifer: :/

    Ania: I hope this will sold there too later!

  9. That color is my favorite color! I've been wanting dark blue gel liner for a while too. Well, any kind of navy liner, actually; it is a very hard color to find! :( I should look for this, but I don't know if we have it in my area. And yes, the lid does look a bit crooked, I hope it will be okay.. : /

    Thank you for the pictures and review! :)

  10. Onpas todella hyvän värinen!

    OT, mutta kysyn kumminkin, kun tunnut olevan kiinnostunut luonnonkosmetiikastakin. Onko mitään primeria, joka olisi lunnollinen tai luonnollisempi. Tahtoisin saada mineraaliluomiväreille enemmän pysyvyyttä ja lisää väriä.

  11. Yes, the lid is a bit strange and probably not every efficient... lets hope it still works out good. The colour is very pretty, I love dark blues :D and it goes very well on your eyes!
    Oh, by the way, for your giveaway I think I gave you a wrong link to my blog, the correct is is there anyways you can fix it?

  12. Emily. It's weird how difficult it's to find navy blue gel liner :P

    Sannu: Detrivore on suosikkini <3 Käytön opettelussa voi kestää hetken mutta on vaivan arvoista :) Rasvoittuville luomille en voi suositella sitä kylläkään.

  13. I don't remember seeing these before!

    You've Been Tagged!

  14. I've been using one of their gel eyeliners, and I have to say I really love it~ It stays well, doesn't smudge, and doesn't put a crease in my make-up like other eyeliners have done. So I'm all for this eyeliner~ Plus, it's cheap and a tiny bit will last you for a while.

  15. that lid does look dodgy but the colour is perfect and beautiful. i really like this blue. might have to check it out :)

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  16. That lid is a bit worrying, but the colour is really pretty :) Have you tried the gel liners they sell at CoastalScents/on Ebay? There's a nice blue there, but it has no shimmer or anything.

  17. Määkin ostin tän sinisen kun ei tosiaan edes Inglotilla ole. Otin myös sen Black Pink Diamondsin joka on kuin Black Cherry.
    Tänään kokeilin vesirajaan ja hyvin pysyy.
    Korkit menee kyl mun purkeissa kunnolla kiinni.

    Tykkään siveltimestäkin tosi paljon.

  18. SilhouetteScreams; I have a few coastal scents eyeliners somewhere (:P) but I bought colors I don't wear ofter/ever... Must try someday again!

    mili: Täytyy katsoa tuota korkkia tarkemmin ja ehkä palauttaa, jos en saa toimimaan paremmin.

    Ayame: Nice to hear that these work :D

    Kira: It looks very cute :D

    Porcelaine & Kiku: Yep, color is lovely!

    jbrobeck: Maybe you have in different kind of packaging, also the names can be different but the product is the same. They don't make it easy to us makeup addicts ;)

  19. Interesting that your packaging is different than ours here in the US! Cool! :) I have this in brown and I like it. I am so glad that the drugstores are getting in on the whole gel liner thing so I dont always have to pay so much $$ for my BB Gels (but, I still like the BB the best!). :)

  20. That lid is a bit worrying :/ Try storing it upside down anyway, it will make any cream/gel eyeliner last longer :) The color is so beautiful, I love navy blues :)


  21. Pammy: at least it's nice to get the color syou don't use so often in lower price :)

    Stavroula: I try to keep these upside down, it's even easier to see the label then :D The color is <3


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