Saturday, November 6, 2010

NARS Douceur blush & my new favorite concealer!

I was planning of bouying one NARS blush from London and once again, I couldn't decide what to get :D The sales person at John Lewis said that I must get Douceur. I wasn't that convinced: the color was matte, light and "dirty"... She wanted to test this on my cheeks and after that I also knew that I had to get it ;)

Douceur is LE and from Holiday 2010  Fall 2010 collection. I've seen swatches of Douceur and I wasn't at all interested of it. However this color is so neutral and perfect, I think I can use this with any eyeshadow or lipstick color! I've read that this is very unpigmented but for a light skinned person, it definitely has enough pigment. The first time I tested this, I really managed to apply far too much. LOL. Of course it's not as pigmented as most of the NARS blushes. I hope they will add this to the permanent line later. The price was 19.50 GBP.

Suunnitelmissani oli ostaa uusi NARSin poskipuna Lontoosta mutta valinta on aina yhtä vaikeaa :D Myyjä onneksi riensi apuun mutta hän ehdotti Douceur-sävyä, minä taas pidin sävyä liian vaaleana ja likaisena. Mutta koska hän oli niin vakuuttunut, että minun on juuri tämä sävy saatava, testattiin sitä ihan poskiinkin. Tämän seurauksena Douceur siirtyi omistukseeni ;)

Douceur on NARSin Fall 2010 kokoelmasta. Olen nähnyt siitä swatchejakin eikä sävy sykähdyttänyt yhtään. Väri on kuitenkin niin neutraali ja täydellinen, luulen tämän sopivan kutakuinkin kaikkien luomivärien ja huulipunien kanssa. Olin lukenut värin olevan kovin huonopigmenttinen ja onhan tämä toki moneen muuhun NARS punaan verrattuna höyhensarjalainen, onnistuin kuitenkin laittamaan tätä ensimmäisellä kerralla ihan liikaa ;) Suomalaisen värityksen omaavilla tuskin on pigmenttisyyden suhteen sen suurempaa ongelmaa. Tuote on tosiaan LE mutta toivottavasti lisäävät vakivalikoimaan, on tosiaan oikein mukava lisä NARSin valikoimaan! Hinta oli 19.50 GBP.

Unfortunaly the lovely NARS logo in the blush is almost gone
after a few uses. It was lovely :)

She also managed to sell me a concealer ;D She tested this on my skin too and the color, Honey, was so perfect and the products felt so good on my dry undereyes. This is not as effective as MUC Cover All blue but MUS is just too dry for me in the wintertime. This was very easy to apply, like lipstick.  I'm very happy I "found" this product. *love* The price was 16.50 GBP.

Hyvä myyjä, onnistui myymään minulle myös peitevärin ;) Testasi siis tätäkin ja väriltään "Honey" oli ihan täydellinen ja tuote tuntui myös ihanan kosteuttavalta. MUS Cover all blue on tehokkain mutta aivan liian kuiva ja kuivattava minulle näillä säillä! Puikkomainen väri oli äärettömän helppo levittää ja tuote oikein sulaa iholle. Oikein mainio "löytö" siis, hintaa oli 16.50 GBP.

"Crease-resistant, opaque coverage in a creamy yet lightweight texture. The long-wearing formula camouflages darkness under the eyes, redness and skin imperfections.
  • Crease proof, lightweight and creamy texture
  • Enriched with Vitamin E
  • Can also be used as an eyeshadow base
  • In a lipstick-like tube for easy application
Honey: warm peach tone for light to medium complexions."

NARS Honey concealer & NARS Douceur blush

I've posted this picture before, I'm wearing Douceur blush
& Honey concealer in it.

What products are your NARS favorites?


  1. Ihana tuo poskipuna ja kaunis meikki noin yleisestikin tuossa kuvassa :)

  2. I also love the concealer by NARS!!! (and have blogged about my love of it!). I wear the concealer in Vanilla. I absolutely love NARS...Cococabanna is my fav highlighter...and dying to try the Sheer Glow foundation! I am a new follower! You are so pretty!!! :) BTW-Just did a blog post about your giveaway. :) Pammy

  3. Kuulostipa hyvältä tuo peiteväri! Joskus kaipaisin voidemaista peiteväriä mineraalien ohelle, mutta kuivattavuuden takia en oo MUSia ostanut.

    Poskari on juuri sellainen, ettei ikinä tulisi ostettua pelkän swatchin perusteella :D Poskille kokeillessa onkin iloinen yllätys. Muistuttaa jonkin verran Macin Darkly My Dearia, jonka väliin jättäminen harmitti heti kun näin sen kaverin poskilla!

  4. I very much like this shade on you! I recently have become blush obsessed. I can't buy anymore! But I want this one!

  5. the blush looks lovely on you Nea! I wasnt interested at the swatches of Douceur as well...hahaha lets see if they still have Douceur when i visit NARS again ;) you should have told me to get you NARS in future muahahahha

    as much as i love their pigmentation, the black rubbery packaging sucks big time!

  6. I never used anything for Nars. I'm not 100% sure, but here in portugal I don't think they sell that brand. And I'm a bit "scared" to buy it online, just because I don't know if then I would actually like it.

  7. The blush looks really nice on you; very pretty :]

  8. I have a thing for Nars' blushes. I think they have really good quality and are among my best ones! Not sure about the concealer blushes are a A+ :)

  9. Onpas nätti poskipuna, just sopiva kaikkeen.

  10. That is such a beautiful, natural shade of blush on you. It works perfectly with your skintone. I love it! :)

  11. Melly: kiitos :) Kovasti on kyllä mieleeni tämä ja yllättäen myös hillitympi silmämeikkikin tuntui omalta, kunhan laittoi punaista huuliin.

    Pammy: Thank you! I have check your post :D

    Keijukainen: Jep, joku ihan perussävy voi olla ok ostaa näkemättä mutta tätä en todellakaan olisi uskaltanut. Yleensä ostan kavereilta virhehankintojaan, kun saan lähes kaikki sopimaan edes jotenkuten.

    jbrobeck: I know what you mean... I don't need many/any blushes anymore but I'm afraid I'll buy more :P NARS & MAC are my favorites in blushes.

    jennifer: the packaging... It looks pretty like one day ;D You must check this one, maybe ask to try it on yor cheeks.

    Beauty addict: thank you :)

    Emily: It's in fact quite good NARS is not sold in here... :P

    Takane: Buy a blush online is not easy. Even if you see the swatches, it still can look completely different on your skin! NARS is not sold in Finland either.

    Leslie: Thank you :)

    G: thanks :D I really like it!

    mili: jep jep, ihana oli löytää heti poskipuna joka sopii punaisempiin huuliin. Olen nyt päättänyt opetella niitä tosissani käyttämään :D

    graphology: thank you :)

    Thifa: NARS blushes are so good! Lipsticks are a bit drying perhaps and lipglosses smell but the colors are lovely anyway :D.

  12. Glad its working out for you, btw you don't look like you need concealers..

  13. Ooooh, that is one pretty blush! I wish I could afford Nars! Maybe after Christmas I will treat myself!

  14. I keep reading great things about this concealer- I must try it soon! You look fabulous!

  15. Pretty Pink Crocodile: It is nice :D The right color is of course important too.

    Robyn: You can always help Santa ;)

    Smita: thanks :D My undereyes need it, REALLY :P

    Makeup Zombie: Thank you :) I really love it <3

  16. So beautiful! It looks natural :)...I just bought NARS "Taos" and wore it yesterday and love it.

  17. Nars! That's one cosmetic brand that I haven't tried out yet. But I want to very soon. The blush looks pretty but I bet it wouldn't show up on my freckled face. I probably would have to go with something with more pigment. Isn't that funny how the sales people at the counter are always very good at getting us to buy just one more! That concealer looks creamy just looking at the photos.

  18. Velvet: Yep,they are good. Too good, if you ask me ;D

    Mademoiselle C: Yep <3

    Krissy: Taos looks gorgeous too!

  19. What a beautiful blush I love this shade!!!


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