Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Shopping in Germany: Alverde body & skin care

Some Alverde bodycare products I bought from Germany this autumn. This post is also only in English because I've been too busy (and lazy)...

Grapefruit-Bambu Shower gel 1.45€ & Papaya-Sea buckthorn shower cream.
The shower gel is ok but it's not as concentrated as S.A.V.E or The body Shop shower gels. I won't buy it again but the scent was very good! I prefer soap bars anyway.

Shower Cream smells yummy too but it was more like gel-cream, I use this kind of products in shaving but Weleda's cream wash is so much creamier & better!

Macgo-acai Anti-Aging lotion 2.95€, Ultra Sensitive body lotion 2.95€, Macademia nut body butter 2.95€.
I LOVE Alverde body lotions & butters, I won't use anything else anymore. *heart* These are BDIH cerfied, CHEAP, smell too good and feel so nice on skin (I can't use anything containing silicone anymore, those feel just disgusting after natural ones).

This time I got Vitamin lotion & unscented Jojoba lotion, I like these a lot but my favorite is still Macademia Nut body butter, it's my HG product! I used to hate body butters (like TBS) but this is SO soft and nice to apply, the scent is also very nice. I also like White tea and olive body lotions a lot, I bought those last time I visited Germany.

Body oils Cassis & wild rose 2.95€.
Body oils are also very nice & Natrue certified. The scents are strong (but delicious) so I like use these only in the evening when I'm not wearing perfume. I also like to mix these with unscented Sensitive body lotion. Oils work better when applied to a damp skin :)

Sea salt deo, lip balsam Calendula 1.15€, Passionfruit eye cream 3.45€.
And some other stuff I bought :) Alverde sea salt deo: I like the scent, remings me of sea :D It's not completely ineffective but it stains black clothes so badly, that I rarely use it. Calendula lip balm is "ok", not terrible but not that good either. I'd say it very "regular" and I'm not a fan of scent of calendula either.  Passionfruit eye cream is creamy, in fact quite "heavy", and it has surprisingly strong scent. I'd love this scent in body lotion but I think it's too much in eye product. I was so sure this can't be eco certified but in fact it was :) I recommend this to night time use and not for the most sensitive skins.


  1. Mä kaipaan kovasti Alverde-tuoteita Suomessa - varsinkin toi Macadamia Body Butter on mielestäni ihana. :) Ja niin Wildrose-öljykin. Miksei DM tule Suomeen... :/

  2. I was at dm yesterday checking out alverde after reading your previous post but I didn't buy anything! The reason is simple - I don't understand Czech language and I wasn't sure if that's a body lotion or a shower gel :D That explains why I'm always stick to brands I know... Your photos definitely are going to help me with my purchase. I guess am heading to dm again tomorrow :)

  3. kaneli: Ihania kyllä ovat Alverdet :)

    MissA: You must try these <3


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