Friday, November 26, 2010

Shopping in Germany: Alverde hair care

I took me "a while" to write this :P I'll also write only in English, since these are unfortunately not sold in Finland (and I'm too busy). The prices are CHEAP: shampoos 1.95€ and conditioners 2.25€. Most of these shampoos or conditoners are not ecocertified but vegan & silicone free, there is one ecocertifien conditioner (sensitive) but I don't like it at all. Most of the Alverde products are ecocertified.

I bought Alverde Men shampoo for my husband and he loves it :D It's as good as the other Alverde shampoos (I've tested it too) but it looks more masculine and contains beer. I recommend this to your dads, husbands, boyfriends & sons :D The scent is ok for women too, it's not like "masculine" scents usually. NaTrue certified.

I also bought Alverde Men Eye roll-on for him but it's mine now ;D It is REALLY good, easy to apply, refreshing and the scent is mild & neutral (not masculine or feminine), I recommend this to everybody but not if you have very dry skin. I think I'll buy many of these when I visit Germany next time! BDIH certified.

Alverde MEN eye roll-on Inci

Alverde Blond shampoo & conditioner: These are as good as the rest of Alverde shampoos/conditioners but  I personally don't like this very sweet scent of honey. I also don't think it does anything for my blonde hair :)

Alverde Coffein (green coffee) shampoo and condioner are just great! I think they make my hair feel stronger :) The scent is also nice, it's green and fresh and suitable for both men & women.

Alverde Sensitive condioner, BDIH certified and that certificate was the only reason I didn't leave this to my hotel in Germany :P I really do not like this at all! The scent is too strong (lavender I think?) and it just doesn't make my hair feel as soft & good as the other Alverde conditioners. Makes me think that it's impossible to make ecocertified conditioner I would really like :/ I tried to use this in my hair & kids hair but eventully I gave up.

The travel size is Alverde Avocado conditioner, one of my favorites and the one I'd recommend for longer or damaged hair. I have to use it carefully, it's very conditioning. I have also used this as a waterproof eyemakeup remover! Yep, I forgot my makeup removers home and this did the job ;D

Alverde styling gel (I have travel size & normal size) is ok and I like to use it. I still won't say it's great but it's BDIH certified and not expensive, so you could try it. The consistency is very typical to eco-gels. The hold is not strong, I use it on my damp hair before blow drying. My hair type is very silky & fine, this makes it a bit more manageable. Smells very good!

Alverde hair spray is also something I can't recommend to all but I still like it. The hold is not strong, not enough for me anyway, but almost everytime I've used it I've heard compliments of my "super shiny hair"! Smells good too :)

You can buy this brand from the Central Europe (I buy mine from DM in Germany), the products not sold in webshops. I REALLY love their products (except makeup) I bought a lot as a gift too:

Prices are around 2€/ bottle so I bought "a few" ;)


  1. I've seen these in my local DM shop but I never tried them. I do have long and dry hair so Alverde Avocado conditioner sounds promising :)

  2. I've read a lot about DM brand. The other one that receives a lot of rants is Balea. I go to DM very often but have never tried any of their products.

  3. MissA: You should try these :D Especially the body products are just GREAT! Post about them coming soon :)

    Noir: yep, avocado might be the best. It also works great as a hair mask!

  4. Arrgh, ei tosiaankaan taida olla nettikauppaa, joka näitä möisi. Saksan eBaysta löytyy satunnaisia tuotteita, ehkä pitäisi kytätä sitten siellä...

    If anyone knows a place where you can buy these online (other than eBay), give a shout! :)


  5. Wow so many products, there will be a repair masks soon and I want to but it.

  6. graphology: I want that too :D My suitcase is always full of Alverde products!

    Silli: Eipä taida saada, taitaa olla DM:n oma merkki. Toivottavasti saat jonkun saksalaisen postittelemaan. Matkalaukkuni näyttää varmaan aika vinkeältä läpivalaisussa, kun tulen Saksasta kotiin ;D

  7. Silkkaa vääryyttä, ettei tällaisia ja etenkin tähän hintaan myydä täällä suomessa!

  8. Sannu: sepä se... Suomessa ei tuollaisiin myynteihin päästäisi ja suuri määrä toki laskee hintaakin. Mälsää joka tapauksessa!

  9. oh, why dont yot like the makeup? I think there are some really good things (not all of course) to choose from

  10. I have tested some makeup and I didn't like those but of course I'll test more later, if I find something interesting :) The other products however are almost always more than excellent <3

  11. Question where can I order these products online for shipment to the states? They are affordable and I wanted to try them. Thanks.


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