Saturday, November 27, 2010

Shopping in Germany: P2 nail care products

apricot cuticle cream, apricot nail pen 2.75€, cuticle softerner pen 2.45€.
I bought some nail care prodocts from Germany and now I've tested them a while. This post is also only in English, I'm just too busy at the moment :P Reviews of many products also look confusing with many different languages.  I've noticed that many bloggers like these products and no wonder, these really were inexpensive and very nice products! I'll definitely buy more next time I visit Germany :)

Apricot cuticle cream: Excellent quality and I love the creamy consistency & lovely scent of apricot. *heart* Felt nourishing.

Apricot nail care pencil: My favorite! This is SO easy to use, I love the brush applicator. Too bad I bought just one, I need this on my work place, bedside table, makeup table, handbag... ;D The smell is lovely and the consistency is fresh, non greasy gel-cream.

Cuticle Softener pen: I always hate cuticle softeners, because my cuticle are terrible :P I wish I had time to get a manicure once a month! This product was surprisingly effective though, I didn't like the smell much but it was ok. The tip was in fact very good in pushing back the cuticles. So I liked this as much as I can like a product like this ;)

hand creams & nail polish remover.

I haven't tested the hand creams yet (I prefer natural ones) but I got this minisizes for travelling. The nail polish remover is good but I bought it because of the bottle ;) I'm planning of refilling it later, I really like the one touch bottles! The product itself is much better than I though, I have no problem of using it. I still prefer Depend green though.

P2 Noni Nectar nail care spray is one of my favorites, I have used it a lot. This "spray" bottle (= a pump bottle) contains clear gel which is non greasy and I have used it before applying nail polish. It leaves nail a bit tacky but I still have used it directly under nailpolish. It works fine, at least on my nails. The scent is fresh and nice, the gel looks green in the bottle but it's clear when applied to the nail. I think it has made my nail moisturized and therefore stronger.

P2 Aloe Vera Cuticle peeling was "ok". I broke the roll-on bottle very quickly and the product was quite average. I used it already but won't buy again, Mavala Whitening nail scrub is much better!


  1. I have just started getting into nail care - I love getting mani's and pedi's they are so relaxing. My feet are usually so relaxed I forget how much tension they hold.

  2. Mullakin on Apricot Cuticle Cream ja minikoko Ultra Fresh Hand Lotionista ja tykkään :)

  3. Anonymous: Tuo cuticle cream on tosiaan kelpo tavaraa!

    graphology: I need from P2 next time ;D

    Kira: Nails look so much better after mani, too bad I'm usually very lazy :P And do not have time for manicures either...


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