Tuesday, November 2, 2010

[SWATCH] Meow shattered Equinox

I got bought samples from Meow Shattered Equinox collection :) The quality is lovely: very pigmented, shimmery but not glittery. The colors are definitely "autumn colors" and most are suitable for those with warmer skin tones. I'm spring in colors analysis (I've been told that, at least) and muted/soft/warm colors are not the best colors for me. I still found some favorites from this collection like Bane, Sardonic, violaceous & grandiloquent. I might have to get Grandiloquent in full size!

"An emotional turbulence of sultry colors brand new for Fall 2010.  Ripped from the Fashion Runways for 2010 in shades of mauve, plum, and smokey purples with unexpected "pops" of bright unexpected iridescence and highlights. "

Ostin muutamia sampleja myös Meowin Shattered Equinox-kokoelmasta :) Laatu on ihana: pigmenttinen ja hohtava, muttei glitterinen. Sävyt ovät "syyssävyjä", joista en niin välitä mutta onneksi muutama aivan upea ja minullekin sopiva sävy kokelmasta löytyi! Olen ilmeisesti värianalyysissä kevät ja syksyiset sävyt eivät ole yhtään minun juttuni, jos taas olet sävyltäsi lämmin, nämä voivat sopia vielä paremmin. Omat suosikkini olivat Bane, Sardonic, Violaceous ja Gradiloquent. Viimeisimmän saatan hankkia jopa täysikokoisena!

EOTD with Bane-Violaceous:

I used Detrivore primer, as usual :)

EOTD with Grandiloquent (& Erato and Clio):
I really loved this one! Brownish and neutral but not boring at all :D If you don't like makeup this dark, just use Erato & Clio.
Suosikkini! Rusehtava ja neutraali muttei yhtään tylsä :) Jos et pidä näin tummasta meikistä Erato ja Cliokin ovat upeat yhdessä.

-Meow Flawless Feline Frisky Sphynx foundation
-MAC Utterly Game blush
-MUS Cover all blue (undereyes)
-TANF Salmon concealer/ loose (under eyes)
-Canmake Nudy Glow  lipgloss "Sugar milk tea"

-Detrivore primer
-Meow Erato/ Sunless Sea (inner corner of the lid)
-Meow Clio/ Sunless Sea (lid)
-Meow Grandiloquent/ Shattered Equinox (crease, lower lashline)
-MAC Dipdown fluidline
-LashStiletto wp

Do you like this collection?


  1. lovely swatches and amazing EOTD, as usual! what do you think of the canmake gloss?

  2. Mieletön tuo jälkimmäinen, vaikka onkin ruskea!

  3. I really love Sardonic! I rarely wear blue eyeshadow but it's soo pretty!

  4. These colors are way too gorgeous and as usual they look amazing on you!

  5. Oh man, the brown EOTD is stunning! I also love the look of every single shade in the second swatch photo :D

  6. jennifer: The Canmake gloss is lovely <3

    Phyrra: it is <3

    Emma: Niin on :D Heti alkoi ruskeakin tuntumaan kivammaölta väriltä!

    graphology: Thank you :)

    Teipu: I'm really starting to like blue. A year ago, I didn't like to use it.

    Suki.X: Thank you :)

    SilhouetteScreams: Yep, it was :D

  7. Now, this is a drool-worthy collection if you ask me.

  8. Beautiful swatches, I love this collection!

  9. Gone2RehabBRB: I know what you mean :D This collection was so much nicer than I thought!

    ScrubbingUpWell: Me too :D


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