About my blog


I'm Nea, 39 year old mom of two adorable kids (son 14 & daughter 12) from southern Finland.

I'm very interested in mineral makeup & anything ecological. I'd like to use only ecological products but I'm a cosmetics freak, I can't and won't deny that, so I test & love other products too.

My kids use almost only natural cosmetics and we also used washable nappies when they were babies. My work has nothing to do with makeup, this is just a hobby! In my blog I write about cosmetics, but sometimes also about ecological household cleaning products, tea, sports, Finnish music, fashion or anything health related (exercise, vitamins etc).

If I receive the products I'm reviewing for free, I'll tell that and be extra careful to make a honest review. I will never promote anything for money!


I swatch pigments dry over regular primer (often Lumene), my skintone is light neutral. If I use pigments wet (usually just eyeliners), I'll always mark that clearly.


In my mineral makeup photos I always use a primer and dry pigments. I'm not a makeup artist, just regular woman who loves makeup, so consider my EOTDs like swatches on eyes :) My camera is Canon G10 and I don't photoshop the images.

skin tone: light neutral
eye color: greenish
hair: blond
height: 176cm (5'9")

I hope you like reading my blog. If you have any questions, just leave a message or email (fashionedinfinland@gmail.com).


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