Do you need someone to provide you with an honest review of your products? I love to test different products and review them! It will be honest but if I don't like something (nobody loves everything) I'll naturally tell why.

I can review makeup, skincare & haircare products, eco-friendly household cleaning products, fashion products, products for cats etc :) I won't promote your site for money, this blog is based on PRODUCT REVIEWS only, not advertising. Thank you!

Of course the review is better, if I like the products ;) So here is some information about me: 
-Light neutral skin tone, blue/green eyes
-Normal to dry, sensitive skin
-I can use almost any colors in my makeup (neutral coloring) and I love to test different colors, but I especially love brown and purple :D
-short, fine, blonde hair

Do you want to host a giveaway in my blog? That is fine too, but only products I have tested too, because I'll post about the giveaway with a review :)

Guest post in my blog
This blog is my hobby so at least at the moment I don't have any guest post in this blog.

Please contact me at

Testaan mielelläni erilaisia blogini teemoihin sopivia tuotteita ja kirjoitan niistä kokemuksiani. Näitä ovat mm. kosmetiikka, sisustus ja kodinhoito, muoti, urheilu, luomutuotteet... Eniten pidän värikosmetiikasta ja niiden kuvaamisesta. Myös tuotearvonan järjestäminen lukijoilleni onnistuu :) 



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